Thailand x RBX Active

Thailand x RBX Active

Before we traveled to Thailand for our honeymoon, RBX Active, an activewear company, sent me a few outfits to play with abroad!

On our second day in Chiang Mai, we hiked what is locally known as the Monk’s hike up to Wat Phra Lat. I was so excited about this hike as I’d researched a little bit and it seemed like a less-traveled path as it’s hidden in the forest on the same road up to Doi Suthep, a very famous Chiang Mai temple.

We hailed a red truck (the common taxi/public transportation system in Chiang Mai) outside of our hotel and were driven out of the city, through winding streets to the edge of the forest. We definitely thought we were lost but since our phones were on airplane mode and everyone around us (2 people) only spoke Thai, we just walked up the hill further, found a station where we signed in and eventually got onto a path that said “Wat Phra La.” Horray!

The day was beautiful, a bit overcast, the air was wet with dew, and we followed the monk’s orange fabric trail markers. As we ascended, we caught glimpses of the city down below and then we’d tuck further into the forest. Arriving at the temple began with the sound of a rushing waterfall. We rounded a corner and the waterfall was flowing right beside us. Down the mountain was Chiang Mai (although at this point it was too cloudy to see the city views) and above us, in between the trees and around the running water, temple buildings, big staircases, large statues… Wat Phra Lat.

We walked the grounds, taking in the sights, spending time with the Buddha statues, marveling at the incredible view they had, ascending the stair sets to the main temple, exploring the older temple behind it, covered in moss, truly breathtaking. This place has a true magic about it. It has become part of the forest that surrounds it; it’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve ever been.

We met a couple from Southern California (fancy that!) and once I learned that Shawna was a photographer and she learned that I needed to take some pictures of my outfit, we left the boys to chat and we explored the temple grounds together.

Following the most heart-expanding, mind-opening week at Elephant Nature Park, we boarded a plane down south to Krabi, hopped into a van taxi bound for Koh Lanta, drove down to the south east corner, to Old Town, and right out on top of the water, to our stunning little bamboo hut. With waves lapping directly underneath us through the night and piercingly beautiful sunrises each morning, we spent 4 days in this tropical island paradise.

We rented a motorbike and scootered around the island, stopping at beaches on the west side, walking the pier on the east side and rolling through rainforests in between. We found incredible plant-based foods, snorkeled around rock islands, swam through the Emerald Cave and greeted each day with a huge fresh fruit smoothie and a Roti Pancake filled with banana and mango and prepared by an incredibly kind woman who’s mother’s mother had been born on this island.

From rainforest temples to bamboo huts on the beach, these active pieces kept me covered, cool and gave me the freedom to move my body. Thank you RBX.

Clothing: RBX Active

Yoga Blanket: West Path

Photographer at Wat Pha Lat: Shawna Baruh

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