ODKW: Canggu, Bali

ODKW: Canggu, Bali

Welcome to Canggu, Bali! 

The Chillhouse graciously invited me to stay at their beautiful resort for my first two nights in Bali! It was the perfect place to settle into a routine that would be my life for the next five weeks. Included in your stay at The Chillhouse is an absolutely delicious breakfast with your choice of tea or coffee, one yoga class per day (there are two offered per day) and a communal buffet dinner, which is a really beautiful way to meet other travelers! The whole resort is stunning and they even have a gym, although I did not visit it other than to poke my head in (vacation!!) There are two pools on the property, a number of little villas, a beautiful outdoor yoga shala, fountains and birds, and geckos galore!

I made a One Day Kiki’s Way video from my first day in Canggu and at The Chillhouse, and over the next 4 weeks of living in Canggu, as I was completing my 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga, I gathered quite a list of my favorite places to eat, drink and be merry in Canggu, and I’d love to share them with you! Canggu is a beautiful beach town, similar in many ways to Venice, CA or another cool, vibey surfer town… 



Wow. I had two breakfasts here with my stay at The Chillhouse and I really wish I’d been there for longer to try all of the menus! The entire menu is gluten-free and vegetarian with incredible vegan options, the people who work at the restaurant are sweet and approachable, the presentation of the food is spectacular and it tastes amazing! My Little Pony was my favorite thing I tried. The community buffet dinner was also incredible, and the chef prepared my mini burgers specially, to ensure they were vegan. The sauces, the tastes and the community vibes were all beautiful.  

Funky Pancakes: 

Just as it sounds. Funky. And also pancakes. Bright colors, murals covering the walls, open air floor plan, this inspired place is so much fun. Choose from a large variety of savory and sweet pancake options or build your own stack (so much freedom!)  All but two of the pancakes are vegan and just a few of the toppings and sides are not vegan, so it’s incredibly vegan friendly. The Funky Pancake stack is a must. 

Other places that do breakfast well: Samadi, Shady Shack, Peloton 


Samadi Bali: 

Samadi is a well-known yoga studio, workshop and event space and restaurant in Canggu. They have a beautiful vegetarian (with lots of vegan options!) restaurant and delicious cafe with yummy drinks and a great selection of alternative milks! Samadi also hosts a really fun farmers market weekly that has everything from fresh produce to baked goods, from clothing to jewelry to handmade soaps. 

Shady Shack: 

This place is so awesome. I kept returning here during my time in Canggu because the smoothies are amazing, the bowls are great, the vegan desserts are delicious (try the carrot cake!) and the vibe of the place is beautiful. It’s off the beaten path and looks out over rice fields (lots of outdoor seating) so I just loved being there. Highly suggest for all your yummy food needs. If you get a drink to go, they give it to you in a compostable cup with a paper straw. Yay! 

La Baracca: 

La Baracca is an amazing Italian restaurant which is a nice shift from the local cuisine and salads, which is what I was eating every day during the training! Sometimes you just need a pizza, you know? And when you’re in Canggu and need a pizza, you should come to La Baracca! Owned by a sweet Italian man, La Baracca has a really cool vibe too and a neat upstairs patio/dining area that also looks out over the rice fields (it’s right next to Shady Shack!) The best part? They make their own vegan cheese. I just got a very simple marguerita but they can switch out the normal cheese for their homemade vegan mozzarella for any of the veggie pizzas, so that’s good to know too! 


Peloton is great. The vibe is open and beautiful, the food is fresh and delicious and the staff is super attentive and sweet. The little things they sell around the restaurant are also very cute! The menu reads like un updated diner vibe but the place feels more trendy than an old diner. We went for Mexican and Italian when dining here and it was so yummy! 


Mad Pops: 

Coconut-based hard-packed ice cream. The flavors change rotate but some of my favorites while I was in Canggu (and believe you me, I came here often) were: Coconut oreo, turmeric cookie, chocolate chip cookie dough, dark chocolate, berry sorbet… the list goes on. You must come here often since the flavors change. 

And because the entrance says “Lick me til Ice Cream” and the inside wall says “Not as Sweet as You Baby”.

Shady Shack: I think 100% or very near to it of the dessert cabinet is vegan, which is so exciting. I got Go Jek to deliver some of this dessert on a night or two, just because. Well worth it! 

Samadi: Also has great desserts! My favorites were the raw chocolate donuts, raw turmeric balls and banana bread. 


The Chillhouse:  

I can’t recommend this place enough. The whole resort was so welcoming and home-y, but also clean and photogenic, the people were some of the sweetest I met in Bali, the programming was varied and exciting, the FOOD is delicious, the accommodations are clean, the pools, the drinks… It all was amazing. 

I loved that the location is just a bit north of the main hub of traffic and noise of Canggu. The grounds are beautiful and easy to wander and feel like you’re not in a busy beach town. The guest pool is way at the back of the property so you feel removed when you’re relaxing back there. I had one of the villas with a beautiful porch, open patio (for practicing yoga!), very big, comfy bed, delicious A/C, a mini fridge, closet and a gorgeous outdoor bathroom. I loved my space and felt completely private when I was in my villa. The yoga shala is gorgeous and I really enjoyed the sound bath I had. The breakfasts were absolutely incredible and I love that The Chillhouse provides community buffet dinners every night for guests to be able to meet and dine together. 

Overall, The Chillhouse is able to achieve this very private feel of a resort while still encouraging and providing space for lovely community interactions. It’s a really magical and delicate balance and I cannot wait to return! 

Cosmos Oasis:

The other place I stayed in Canggu was Cosmos Oasis, for the entirety of my training. There are single and double rooms here. I love the design of the hotel, it’s all metal, wood and glass, very modern. The rooms outside walls are all glass and the curtains made the rooms quite dark during the day but if you opened the curtains, the room would become unbearably hot. The A/C worked really well! I loved hanging out by the pool on the rocks, chairs and couches. I appreciated that there was a communal fridge and kitchen area as well. The studio where we practiced was beautiful, again all glass exterior and it was so magical practicing every morning to the rising sun and Canggu waking up. The people who worked at Cosmos were so gracious and sweet, all of them knew my name and would check in with my daily to see how I was doing. It’s close to Samadi but down a smaller road so it was actually very quiet and off the main drag which I really loved too! 



I would definitely suggest surfing as a very fun activity in Canggu! There are many surf schools down at the beach and many instructors looking to teach you how to surf Bali’s famous waters! I have never surfed but figured that I might as well try it, since I was in Bali! I booked a private two hour lesson with my instructor, Izzy and felt very safe with him, as well as incredibly challenged. It was really fun and I look forward to trying it again at some point!


Canggu is easy to get around if you have a scooter! It’s fun to be able to zip around the beauty that is this town and the surrounding areas quickly and efficiently, but if driving yourself around is not a possibility, there is Go Jek and Grab that you can easily order (like Uber and Lyft, but on scooters!) 

Tanah Lot:

There are temples everywhere in Bali. Tanah Lot is a very famous one that sits on a large off shore rock which has been shaped continuously by the tides over the last many years. Tanah Lot means “Land in the Sea” and the temple is a very popular place for tourists and photographers especially to visit. It’s very beautiful! The whole area is very touristy with lots of shopping opportunities (welcome to Bali!). It’s a fun place to spend the afternoon, and I’d suggest trying to go at low tide, so you can walk around by the temple. 

Amo Spa:

Bali is a perfect place to pamper yourself with a spa visit. Amo spa is beautiful, calm, clean, big, generous and very affordable while maintaining the feeling of a very decadent spa day! All the services I received here were incredible, but the pedicure stood out. My therapist was amazing, so gentle and thorough and the massage she gave my legs, feet and then my shoulders and neck while my polish was drying was extra wonderful! 


I don’t have any pictures of the markets but there are a few really great ones in the area that I liked. The shopping area outside Tanah Lot is lovely and you can score some serious deals there and the Love Anchor Canggu market is cool too, smaller but nice stuff. Otherwise, just walk down the two main roads and you’ll come across more! Sunday Market is at Samadi and it’s lovely, Old Man’s hosts a once a month market as well. 

Beach Clubs:

If you’re heading to the beach and want that club experience, there are two that I liked the most. La Brisa is absolutely beautiful and feels like you’re part of the Swiss Family Robinson. The buildings, the details, the Instagram-ready spots, it’s really spectacular. And the ocean-side viewing is really stunning as well. 

I also enjoyed The Lawn. It’s smaller and right on the beach, but still has a pool area too. I loved the decorations and the food looked good too, even though I didn’t eat. 

All of the beach clubs have very loud music, which I’m not a big fan of, but they provide a fun space to relax with friends. 

I loved being in Canggu! The peaceful sunrises, punctuated by the roosters’ crow, the middle part of the day when everyone is awake and the streets are bustling, the breathtaking sunsets, it was all truly magical. This little beach town is thriving and I’m excited to return to continue the adventure!

Please let me know if you’ve been to Canggu and where you’ve eaten that I could check out next time, and if you go and try one of these spots let me know too!! 

Peace, love and sun-kissed smiles, ~kiki

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