Kiki Loves: vegan ice cream

Kiki Loves: vegan ice cream

National Ice Cream Day may have passed for this year, but ice cream will never go out of style and since I live in LA, ice cream never goes out of season either! Something I hear all the time from people who say they can’t give up dairy is “but iiiiice creeeeeeam!!!” That’s not too much of an excuse anymore! Dairy free ice cream is everywhere now (I even find it in other cities that I travel to!) and it’s getting more and more delicious.

Below are my top ice cream choices for vegan ice cream in Los Angeles, (starting with my top six), their locations (so you can always get ice cream, no matter where you are!), what base they use (because even if you’re avoiding dairy, you may have other allergies…) and the prices for a small size or one scoop… 

Cocobella: Hollywood

Coconut (and some flavors contain soy) base: $5.50/ scoop

Cocobella is my favorite hard-serve ice cream in Los Angeles, at the moment. It’s a pretty new establishment (and actually is in the same shopping center as two other plant-based places, Cruciferous LA and Doomie’s Home Cookin’!) To keep up with the current trends in our strange world, there is Unicorn Magic (Pink vanilla with marshmallows, GF animal crackers and sprinkles).

Kiki’s picks: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Matcha Monsta, Sunbutter Cup

Sweet Rose: Studio City, Fairfax, Brentwood, Santa Monica

Water and coconut base: $4.75/ scoop

Sweet Rose Creamery has many locations throughout LA so it’s a wonderful option for those who might be traveling around the city and who just need ice cream often. The dark chocolate ice cream is actually just dark chocolate, water and sugar and I have many friends who opt for this over dairy chocolate ice cream.

Yoga-Urt: Glendale

Almond and cashew base: $5.25/ small 

Yoga-Urt is the best soft-serve invention in Los Angeles, I’m convinced. Every single flavor is delicious and the perfect mix of sweetness and tartness. Everything is made in-house and so everything is incredibly fresh and with the added vegan probiotics, it’s almost like you could have Yoga-Urt for dinner (believe me, I have… on a few occasions). There is one flavor that is sweetened with dates instead of organic cane sugar, so that’s a good option if you’re looking for sugar-free as well (it’s called Ganesh’s Sweet Greens). The portions are quite large!

Kiki’s picks: chocolate bliss, radiant golden rose, lavender blossom

Magpies Softserve: Silver Lake, Tarzana

Almond milk base: $3.95 (junior) $4.95 (regular)

All softserve. When I was there there were four dairy-free options! They have really cool flavors that seem like they might be weird, but are actually pretty amazing…! The corn almond was so surprising and delicious! The sizes are quite big for the prices. The corn almond was very sweet for me, but I really want to try their other vegan flavors (like the horchata and the Mexican hot chocolate), and I love that they have a rotating menu so I’ll be back.

Kiki’s picks: corn almond (but want to try more!)

Wanderlust Creamery: Atwater Village

coconut, rice based (sorbets are fruit based): $4.75/ small (can be two mixed flavors for additional $.25)

I love the vibe in here. Very minimalist and clean. And I love their business model. Every flavor of ice cream is inspired by a country or place that the owners have traveled. This makes the flavors really fascinating! The sticky rice and mango is a best-seller and is always here and then they have a few additional dairy-free options, usually.

Kiki’s picks: sticky rice and mango, coconut milk and herbs sorbet

Kind Kreme: Culver City and Echo Park

Cashew, coconut, almondmilk based, $3.99/ scoop

Kind Kreme is a dairy-free ice cream option that is part of Sage Vegan Bistro. All of the flavors are vegan and they rotate so you’re always in for a treat.

Kiki’s picks: chocolate almond butter, mint cacao nib


Now go forth, and scream for ice cream, because there are SO many options for us “boring” vegans!!! What are YOUR favorite dairy-free options? Please share your suggestions below!


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  • This is awesome, thank you! Just curious, have you been to Van Leeuwen? It is my favorite vegan ice cream right now.

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