Healing Face Toner

Healing Face Toner

My skin and I have been in somewhat of a battle for about 12 years. I felt like I was always breaking out, the circles under my eyes were enormous and dark, my skin was too dry, and then too oily and then too both. Not too much fun.

I won’t say that I have perfect skin now. Absolutely not. But I have taken steps towards being more kind to my skin in the past four years and I think these little (and some major) adjustments have helped! My skin has been clearer since going vegan four years ago and I feel less bloated, I am wearing sunscreen on my face all the time now, and my most recent shift was clearing my cabinets of the harsh chemical-filled face washes, moisturizers, spot treatments and creams. The all natural route is the better route for me.

My mom used to wake me up with a rosemary water spritz around my bed and at night, it was a lavender water spray to calm me down before sleep. I’ve always loved the feeling of a cooling spray on my face and neck. The adult word for this is “toner” and now I’ve invented my own little formula for a healing, tightening, hydrating and sweet-smelling toner that is great at any time of day, soaks into the skin easily and feels so refreshing and soothing.



Facial mister bottle


Pure rose-water

Pure witch hazel

Lavender essential oil

Tea tree essential oil




Clean your mister bottle.

Fill your bottle 1/3 with water, 1/3 with rosewater and 1/3 with witch hazel.

Add 10 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of tea tree oil.

Put the top on, shake it up and start misting! Cooling on a hot summer’s day, rejuvenating upon rising, smoothing in the middle of the day and hydrating before bed, this toner does it all.



Healthful properties of the ingredients:

Rosewater: helps maintain pH balance, controls excess oil, anti-inflammatory properties (helps reduce acne, redness in skin)

Witch Hazel: natural astringent, fights against sun damage, excess sweating, eczema, reduces itching

Lavender: anti-inflammatory properties, may help in treating insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, restores skin complexion, can slow aging with powerful antioxidants

Tea Tree: helps fight acne, helps fight against bacterial infections


*tip: Definitely before putting any of these things onto your face in large quantity, do a spot check of each of the ingredients on your skin to make sure you don’t have a negative reaction to any of them! When you’re in the clear, make this spray ASAP because it feels so good!


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