Ethical Gift Guide!

Ethical Gift Guide!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Happy winter time, everyone! 

This is the time of year where we turn more inward. We perhaps feel a bit more nostalgic, we reach into our deep memories of formative years and we poke around in the recesses of our minds for traditions to carry on. It’s a time of remembrance and patterns and can be filled with a lot of emotions; happiness, fulfillment, sadness, longing… 

This time of year is a beautiful time to ponder the world, the people around us, lending a helping hand where we can, and taking care of ourselves and those we come in contact with in our lives. I have compiled a gift guide for the more conscious and ethical gift-giver. So this holiday season, whether you’re shopping for yourself or loved ones, please consider purchasing from one of these companies and supporting ethical production. 

And PS, the best thing you can do this holiday season is just to share some of your heart. I believe smiles, hugs, eye contact and sincere conversation are the most meaningful gifts to give and receive! 

Let’s get browsing 🙂 


I hand-make these products in my home with love and intention. It brings me SO much joy to see these products fill other people’s hearts and homes too, and I hope to make it into your gift giving! Make your spirits bright with essential oil rollers filled with scents to calm or energize you, lighten your heart or quiet your mood. Make your home bright with a chakra candle! The chakra candles are colored and scented to release the power and energetics of the specific chakra you choose to ignite. Find all of these products in my shop!

A portion of all sales goes to a charity/organization that I feel embodies warmth, love and compassion. This month, donations will be going to Chilis on Wheels, a beautiful organization whose mission is to make veganism accessible to communities in need, all around Los Angeles.


If you’ve been following me for a bit, you KNOW that I am obsessed with Edible Beauty products. Truly. The entire line is absolutely beautiful! Check out this on-the-go kit, PERFECT for all your holiday travels.

I’m ready to be edible, beauty!

Another company I have a serious obsession with is Pure Bioderm! Both of their serums are incredibly high quality!

For Black Friday, Pure Bioderm is offering 20% off their products! What are you waiting for?

Say yes to your new favorite serum!

I love essential oils, duh! I have recently found this beautiful company, Gya Labs, and I’m loving their pure oils. My newest essential oil roller uses their Rose Otto and Sandalwood!

I’m ready to be the best-smelling person on the airplane!

I have been using this hair oil before washing my hair. It smells incredible, helps with my dry scalp and soothes my entire body.

Who doesn’t love a good scalp massage?

This eye palette is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! The company Aether, has made a visually gorgeous, ethical and sustainable product and it makes me feel like a goddess to shine in these gemstone colors.

I am ready to enhance my natural beauty and feel like the goddess I am!

When I’m really feeling my full goddess self with my Aether Beauty palette, I love to add some Vegamour volumizing mascara! This mascara is part of a whole line of vegan and cruelty-free products designed to nourish lashes for healthy growth!

I am ready to make eye-contact with beautifully open eyes!

If the holidays are winding you up just a bit too much and you find yourself in physical discomfort, I have found this CBD Cooling Cream from Vitagenne to be really helpful. It feels almost like icy hot and has this lovely minty smell. I feel relief in a matter of minutes.


Pact prides itself on being comfy clothing made from organic cotton. Wearing organic cotton clothing and supporting companies like Pact is better for your body and for our planet! Pact’s vow is to create a guilt-free fashion brand, from sustainably sourced organic cotton through the fair-trade factory to the beautiful, incredibly comfy clothing they provide.

Shop Pact and receive 20% off your first purchase!

Fabletics is an athletic-wear company founded by Kate Hudson. I love the feel of the clothes, the leggings hug in all the right places and they have so many styles and colors to choose from, it’s really easy to find something that will suit exactly what you’re looking for! When you become a VIP member, you receive your first 2 leggings for $24!

Right now, through December 5, you’ll receive 70% off your entire purchase when you become a VIP Member of Fabletics!

Hot Rocks Jewels is a beautiful handmade jewelry company based in Los Angeles. Lava stones are used in every design and bring a rootedness to the pieces and to elevate it all even more Hot Rocks has developed Hot Scents. These are beautiful and specific aromatherapy blends that can be dropped into the lava stones, and the stones will hold scents for 3-5 days. You’re welcome! Hot Rocks has mantra bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even doglery for your four-legged best friend!

Use code KIARA15 for 15% off your purchase of Hot Rocks!

Vegan Warehouse is a completely vegan online warehouse! It’s a really amazing resource and can be your one-stop shop for fashion, beauty, food and household and you can feel great about your purchases, knowing that everything is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! In one order I got a handbag, sunscreen, tea tree essential oil, Four Sigmatic mushroom chai and a natural stain remover. From stocking stuffers to amazing bundles for great savings, Vegan Warehouse is a sustainable and ethical choice for your shopping.


There are many things in my kitchen that I cannot do without, but a big one is my Nutra Milk. This machine has saved us so much money, time and WASTE it’s incredible. Not having to buy milk and nut butters (and other spreads, dips, etc) has been a life-changer. I want you to find this joy too! You can use KIKI50 for $50 off your purchase!

Shop Nutra Milk and get ready for the most personalized and creamy milks, butters and dips of your life! (for example, I make homemade refined-sugar-free Nutella on the regs.)

In our effort to minimize our single use stuff in our household I’ve started using clothes a lot more than paper towels! I really like these bamboo un-paper towels!

They can double as baby wipes too, if you wish!

I also purchased some flax cloth napkins that I really like. Pro tip, keep some in your car for when you have to eat on the run!

Cloth napkins to the rescue!

One last suggestion I have is a direct donation in honor of a loved one (or yourself!) to an organization that you love. And remember, donations are tax deductible! These are the charities that receive my donations yearly: Farm Sanctuary, Elephant Nature Park and Soi Dog Foundation.

I hope there are some items in here that inspire you to make a more ethical choice this holiday season! With so much love and light for this season, ~Kiki

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