Fresh Friday, Bevvies for Health & Wellness: Earth Week

Fresh Friday, Bevvies for Health & Wellness: Earth Week

We’re all better members of the Earth Fan Club when we feel good in our bodies and when we’re taking care of the body we are experiencing this earth IN. 

I drink water throughout the day consistently but I also have a range of other beverages that I really like to drink for optimal health and wellness. In today’s video, we go through some of my favorite beverages for the different parts of the day and why I choose to drink those. I don’t have these beverages every day, but these are my most consistent contenders.

YouTube video here: Fresh Friday, Bevvies for Health & Wellness: Earth Week Vlogs with Kiki

Morning, upon waking: 

Warm water with lemon

Warm/hot beverages are really nice for your body, especially right when you wake up, since they’re closer to the temperature of the body, so it doesn’t have to work to warm up the beverage (like it does with a smoothie or ice water etc). Starting the day with warm lemon water helps maintain the pH balance of the body, aids in detoxifying, and helps with digestive health. 

After lunch slump: 

Matcha latte 

That mid-afternoon slump hits and I want something fun to drink that will get me through the rest o the afternoon feeling energized, clear-minded and focused. The answer is matcha! You might have to be careful with this as matcha has caffeine and perhaps you can’t drink caffeine too late in the day or you’ll be up at night, in that case, drink your matcha in the morning! I love it around 3:30/4pm personally (anyone who knows me knows that I don’t have trouble sleeping, thankfully!)

Directive: heat up milk on stovetop (a little bit less than 50% of your mug- today I’m using Goodmylk co almond milk, more on them below) and heat water too. In the mug, add matcha (The Matcha Haven, see below) and hot water and whisk/stir to combine. Once the milk is hot, pour it on top and enjoy (option to froth too, before pouring!) If you want to add sweetener, add it when you’re whisking your matcha. 

Dinner prep/dinner bevvie: 


As I explain in the video, I am in the process of making/building a SCOBY from scratch! It’s been such a cool process and my SCOBY baby is almost ready to be brewed into our own kombucha but until then, I drink my favorite, Better Booch! More on them below. Kombucha is an incredibly beneficial fermented tea beverage that is full of healthy probiotics for optimal gut health, it can kill bacteria and contains antioxidants as well. I find it a perfect substitute for alcohol/bubbly! 

Pre-sleep nightcap: 

Turmeric Latte 

I have a recipe for my own Turmeric Golden Milk and you probably have all the ingredients you need at home already, but the benefit of this one from Ora Organic (see below) is that you ALSO get the mushrooms that help reduce stress, lower cortisol levels and can enhance the immune system. And honestly, it’s much easier to put a scoop of this into warm water or milk than mix everything else all together, so I love how easy this Good as Gold product is! 

The companies I’m showcasing today are: 

Goodmylk Co: Is a beautiful company based locally in Los Angeles. They make almond (and hemp) mylk concentrates and deliver them in low-waste frozen packaging. You thaw the package overnight and then dilute with water for the perfect, almond-full mylk.

The Matcha Haven: This is some seriously high quality matcha from a small shop in Atlanta, GA. The owner is so sweet and the matcha is incredibly clean and delicious. This ceremonial grade matcha comes directly from Nishio, Japan and is made from young and bright tea leaves of the green tea plant.

Ora Organic: A truly incredible company. Everything they produce is organic, vegan, gluten free and highly supportive of the plant-based diet. I have been a fan of theirs for years. Ora makes really high quality vegan and fully natural nutritional supplements that we vegans perhaps would have a hard time finding including a “fish oil” supplement and collagen support capsule all made out of natural, plant-based ingredients.

Better Booch: We happen to know the owners of Better Booch but it’s been my favorite kombucha since before we knew they owned it, honestly! The low sugar content, combined with the unique flavors and the local LA production had me sold years ago! It’s a truly incredible product. The flavor profiles are really incredible too. My current two favorites are citrus sunrise (grapefruit, sage, pu-erh tea) and ginger boost (ginger, lemongrass, mint).

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