Community Solstice

Community Solstice

Wednesday, June 21, 2017: Summer Solstice, 5am.

It was that magical dawn time, where the progression moves quickly but if you can just stand there, time seems to stand still and the sky is an incredible tone of blue. I walked out onto the roof, the city was still asleep below us but that rooftop was bustling! Beautiful yoga mats from Adidas Women were set out with gift baggies. A juice, tea and aromatherapy bar was set up with juice from Juice Served Here and new aromatherapy scents from Adidas.

I could tell this was going to be a magical morning.


I don’t know how many souls were up on that roof that morning, but it was also livestreamed so I think it’s safe to say the world saluted the sun with us and it was beautiful. It felt important and necessary that we were all doing this. Summer is a time of abundance, of family, of community, of celebration and of sun. Saluting the sun as it rose over the hard buildings of downtown Los Angeles, serenaded by the gorgeous sounds of East Forest, and surrounded by beautiful, breathing humans, friends really, whether we knew each other or not, was one of the most spectacular experiences. We stretched together, we laughed together, we fought together and we came together, in peace and love, for this solstice and for the world. Good morning.

This event was hosted by Adidas in partnership with Wanderlust, to introduce their new collaboration Adidas X Wanderlust 


Saturday, June 24, 2017, 9am

Another magical morning, surrounded by a beautiful community of incredibly beautiful women. This time, the “adult” women were paired up with younger girls from an incredible organization, Girls on the Run, which is inspiring young girls to get moving!

Once we were outfitting in our new Adidas Running gear, including the beautiful new Ultra Boost X sneakers, we ran a two mile course together with our mentees, stopping for many photo ops on the way. We were supposed to be there to support, encourage and motivate our little ones, but my girl Sascha, was a firecracker who had me laughing and running the entire time.

This event was hosted by Adidas Running in partnership with Popsugar Fitness and Girls on the Run Los Angeles in celebration of women empowerment and the release of the Ultra Boost X Running Shoe from Adidas.



Thank you Adidas for facilitating amazing week of community, friendship, teamwork, sun, laughs and peace. Fitness is all about community. The community we form in ourselves to inspire us to keep moving, the community that happens when others around us are doing the same things and the community when we are inspired to work, grow and smile as a team.

I am feeling very grateful and full of community and summer solstice light. Let’s carry this light into our communities, wherever they may be.


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