Bleacher Circuit

Bleacher Circuit

This is a very strange time for every single person in the world; we are all affected by what’s going on right now. The silver lining that I see in a time like this is the fact that our planet can breathe a little sigh of relief as the air clears a bit. You know I’m all about reusable everything and eliminating plastic use whenever possible so I’m so excited to be sharing this eco-friendly activewear from Leonisa, made out of PET bottles. These bottles normally take 100 years to break down, so supporting small businesses that are working to create eco-friendly products is one of my favorite ways to help support Mother Earth. Every little bit helps us live a bit more consciously.

Another thing I’m grateful for is the ability to still be able to go outside and move my body. I’ve been taking lots of walks in parks and hiking some, and I wanted to share a little short bleacher workout you could do the next time you’re walking around your local park. (Obviously be sure you have your hand sanitizer with you when you’re working out, don’t touch your face and wash your hands before and after your workout/walk.)

Each part of the circuit has a “Move it up” as a bit more of a cardio challenge option. 

Bleacher circuit: 

  • WARM UP: on the ground, jumping jacks and running around the bleachers, alternating heels to butt and high knees. Move it up: run up and down the bleachers, watching where you’re stepping! (5-8 min total) 
  • LUNGES: lunge up the bleachers and walk back down. Sit deeply into the lunges, making sure the front knee is directly over the ankle the back heel is lifted and the center of your body is settled over your hips. Move it up: pulse down 5x in each lunge.  (3 rounds)
  • SQUATS: sit back and down into your heels. Toes should be light. Option: jump squats (10 reps) 
  • TRICEP DIPS: fingers facing towards your hips, elbows bent behind you and squeezing towards each other, knees bent and feet planted down. Move it up: heels planted into the bleachers, one below, legs straight. (10 reps) 
  • SIDE LUNGES: again, sit back and down towards the heels. Narrow, wide or a combo. Step up into the lunge and then return top foot to bottom and repeat. Core in! Move it up: pulse 5x in each lunge. (10 reps) 
  • PUSHUPS: traditional: wrists a little bit outside of the shoulders and elbows bend wide or more triceps: wrists under the shoulders and elbows bend against the body. Move it up: keep one leg lifted. (10 reps) 

Repeat the whole circuit (minus the warm up) 4 times and stretch after! Remember to breathe and pause when you need to. Tag me and #MovewithKiki so I can see what you’re doing!