Beat the Heat, Naturally!

Beat the Heat, Naturally!

It’s been pretty hot in LA. We had a super weird warm winter and then an incredibly rainy spring. Weird all around. Regardless, our little house with its very limited air conditioning (currently one split unit in the living room, which is usually fine, since… little house) has a charming way of mirroring the outside temperature (give it a break, it’s been standing since 1922!!!) so in the chilly winter, it’s freezing inside and in the warmer months, it’s like our own little homemade sauna. 

Needless to say, I have made some changes to how I am in the house and what I do for my body and soul to appropriately adjust to this quirky little slice of heaven we call our own. 

Since it’s the warmer months right now, I’ll be sharing three tips here for staying cool in the hot months or a hotter climate when your space is generally warm as well. 

1.) Invest in bedding and clothing that is all natural and breathes (extra points if it’s sustainable!) I found an amazing company called Leave Nothing But Footprints and they make beautiful bamboo viscose clothing and bedding. Everything I have received from them is so cooling to the touch. Read more about the amazing and sustainable work LNBF is doing here. The bedding makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a COOL cloud. The clothing is soft and smooth and doesn’t tug, pull or snag. It’s all Mooch-approved too (she loves snuggling in the sheets and napping on the Brenda t shirt and Suri leggings when I forget to put them away. 

2.) Use facial toner! Toners are all the rage these days, and with good reason. They often contain rose water, natural botanics, maybe some essential oils… They come in a spray bottle and feel SO refreshing sprayed on the face, neck and chest. My suggestion, per usual, is make your own! Here’s the link to my facial toner; it obviously has rose water (I’ve been using Alteya for years) and I add witch hazel and essential oils of lavender (helps relax and soothe the skin) and tea tree (can aid in fighting breakouts). 

3.) Try some breathing techniques geared towards cooling the body (and the mind!) Pranayama is an amazing way to get connected back to your body and spirit. My favorite technique is called Sheetali, the Cooling Breath. Begin in a comfortable seated position. Stick your tongue out as far as is comfortable and roll the sides of your tongue up so it creates a bit of a straw sensation. Inhale for a long count of four, then close your mouth and exhale through your nostrils, for a count of 6-8. This is one round. If rolling the tongue is too challenging or very uncomfortable, make a small and tight O shape with your mouth and inhale through that! The outside air gets cooled as it comes into your mouth and continues into your lungs, helping to cool the entire body. 

Start with about 10 rounds, being mindful of your body settling into this cooler space without straining or feeling lightheaded. You can progress to more and more rounds once you feel comfortable. 

Bonus tip: make popsicles! Get the popsicle molds from Target or the Dollar Store and then freeze your favorite flavors (Pro tip: Start with frozen fruit!)  I like to look at the popsicles at the supermarket for inspiration. Currently my favorite is coconut water, frozen coconut, frozen mango and maybe some frozen raspberries. These delicious pops will cool down your day for sure! 

I hope these tips prove to be helpful! I’d love to hear about your experience with using one or all of these and I’d love to hear your suggestions too! 

Stay cool out there! 

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