Meet Kiki

Meet Kiki

My father has always said, “the closer you eat to the earth, the healthier you’ll be.” I used to roll my eyes and ask for my Jiff peanut butter (that I was only allowed once a year, when we were camping on the Cape in July), but now I’m so glad he instilled that earthly desire in me, because now that’s what I crave. (Don’t get me wrong, I do crave sugar sometimes, but it stays out of the house so it’s not as tempting!)

I now strive to live my whole life as close to the earth as possible. Toxic chemicals, harsh pollutants, artificial colors and dyes, GMO-infused food; these things are all around us and while they’re impossible to completely avoid (unless you live in a cave on a remote island), it’s totally possible to live a very clean life, even in a city.

It’s not always easy, but with the right habits, you won’t be thinking about it so much, I promise! You can make your own incredibly delicious and nutritious food in under a half hour and get amazing plant protein to fuel your life, you can move your body in a way that is supportive and promotes health and wellness and is also incredibly strength-building, you can make your own candles and soaps and shampoos and perfumes and feel good about the stuff that you’re putting into, on and around your body and soul! And the coolest byproduct of being so purposeful and conscious about what you’re putting into and onto your own body is that you’re helping the earth, the environment and our fellow living creatures when you make these choices. Thank you.

The purpose of this blog is to help motivate you if you want to explore more plant-based meals, to give you that push to stop buying candles at the store and make your own, to encourage you to start a simple home practice of yoga and/or meditation and to inspire you to do what you love and lead a life of passion through my conversations with people who’ve done that for me!

Here’s a glimpse into my childhood food habits: There was a long period when I would only eat beige foods (literally bread, pasta, butter, raw tofu… you get it). When I was a little older, the only vegetable I would eat was broccoli and my parents fed me so much of it, I couldn’t eat it for years after (I’m back to loving it now!). My dad cooked for the family when I was growing up. He was a very bland cook. So I didn’t explore other tastes until I was much (like college-aged) older and thought a burrito was the best when it was filled with just beans and cheese. I have always LOVED maple syrup. My dad would make me oatmeal for breakfast (there were three rotating breakfasts… routine baby) and pour maple syrup over the top, meant for stirring in. But I would eat the entire bowl of oatmeal with no taste as I ate around where the syrup pooled, only to enjoy the LAST bite that was literally only syrup and far too sweet.

I could go on, but the point is we all have our quirks that we grow into and out of. Life is a journey; that’s the best part about it, and I hope you’ll take this journey with me, as I eat way more vegetables then beige food now, but still really like maple syrup. Some things never change.

Since a part of this blog will be “Kiki’s Favorites,” here’s some to get you started! Feel free to write to me and tell me yours!

favorite meal: breakfast

favorite ab workout: boat pose

favorite yoga pose: pigeon

favorite DIY beauty product: rose and lavender face mist

favorite sweetener: dates or maple syrup depending on the recipe!

Favorite vegetable: kale


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